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(Release: Spring 2018, Rodenstein Records)

Celebrating their ten-year-anniversary, Germany's best swing-chanson band are releasing their new album "Départ". Following its title, the album deals with departures and life's journey. At concerts, the musicians tell their musical stories and take their audiences on an enthralling trip. The typical sound of the quintet, fronted by French singer Juliette Brousset, is now complemented by new musical inspirations, ranging from electro-swing to Latin American rhythms.


„Bio“ (2015, Rodenstein Records)

In March 2015, the swing-chanson quintet Moi et les autres, centered by French singer Juliette Brousset ("Les Brünettes") and guitarist and composer David Heintz, have released their third album, this time with Bodenstein Records. It's title track tells a story: While these days it is widely used in all contexts "biological", for the band it also simply means: Concerning life.

Moi et les autres are storytellers in their songs, written by  Anne-Marie Schoen, Juliette Brousset and David Heintz. In poetic, ironic, melancholic ways and sometimes full of rage they speak of real life, like short biographies. Their lyrics circle around love, children and drunk seafarers; the relationship between daughter and father, the future or passing trains in the evening sun – and last but not least around trying to record this album in a carbon-neutral way! That's what the title song is about: How the band tried to make a record in nature. Meaning outdoors, using recording gear charged by green electricity, all acoustic, eco-friendly. Well, they didn't expect nature's and civilization's adversities: Rain, heat, sunburns, nature's sounds, passing mopeds made things very complicated, so that in the end all paths lead into a warm, well-equipped recording studio – and the bio-versions ended up as bonus tracks.

Moi et les autres & Kicks’n Sticks Big Band:

„In Concert“ (2012)

The French swing-chanson band inviting the Big Band from Mannheim for a live-record. The Moi et les autres - songs are swinging like never before, a feast for the ears of fans of old-school jazz.

„Quintett“ (2008)

The first Moi et les autres – record was recorded in a monastery on the Liebfrauenberg in the Elsass region, and it carries that special atmosphere. Even the church bells have a guest spot in one of the songs.


the beatles closeup.png

„The Beatles Close-Up“ (Herzog Records, 2017)

After their last program "A Women Thing", a congenial homage to their musical heroines, Les Brünettes felt very much like doing a "boy's thing". So naturally they picked on the boy band of all boy bands: The Beatles. Filtered through the eyes and ears of four women, an absorbing close-up of The Fab Fours' life and music is brought to life.

To get even closer to that Beatles-spirit, Les Brünettes turned to Abbey Road Studios in London to make this record – the place where John, Paul, George and Ringo have written and recorded many of their world-famous songs. Still today, musicians, fans, biographers and contemporaries are trying to comprehend the mystery of The Beatles: How did it happen that just these four reasonably normal Liverpool boys became the arrester for the desires of a generation? Certainly also because they were a real band – more than just the sum of its parts. Four ingenious musicians, four songwriters, four singers and of course four friends. Each band member contributed their individual musical ideas to the band, which led to an incredible richness in the music. A band concept that Les Brünettes love and live as well, and that allows them to walk new musical paths beyond the a cappella mainstream.

„A Women Thing“ (Herzog Records, 2014)

FAZ: "Sophisticated polyphony and wordless humming chords, perfect intonation and voices far away from opera – everything is of a sensual aristocratic beauty.

Jazzpodium: „A well-made, a magnificent album.“ 

"A Women Thing". A well-chosen title for the second album from a cappella-quartet Les Brünettes. Since their debut in 2012 the four young women have caught quite some attention. They won the International A Cappella Competition Leipzig 2013 and the International A Cappella Competition Graz and have played more than 100 concerts.

Their new album "A Women Thing" is a tribute to strong, creative and sensual women. In the process they created a fascinating double portrait, showcasing Les Brünettes as composers and arrangers, as well as those that inspire them in their work. Musicians who through their songs gave identity to a generation, outstanding singers, but also women whose stories are unique and who paved the way for those that followed: Joni Mitchell, Nina Simone, Nena, Edith Piaf, Mercedes Sosa, Cassandra Wilson, Aretha Franklin, Lizz Wright...

„Debüt“ (Herzog Records, 2012)

Friendship and their shared love for music create a very special quartet back in 2010. Four young singers, four unique voices, four tempers, four times sweeping stage presence – that's Les Brünettes.

Still at the very beginning of their careers, the four singers look up to genre-heroines like The Andrew Sisters, The Supremes, New York Voices and The Singers Unlimited. A broad spectrum united by that big feeling. Les Brünettes get to work to reclaim the stage as a place of elegance and glamour.

Warm and tender, cheeky and full of passion they present a wide repertoire of jazzy pieces, soulful pop songs and virtuously arranged standards. And how Les Brünettes do that embodies the spell of the old world. Disarmingly beautiful the four individual voices, when joined, conjure a world of longings. It's all still alive today!


Hot like Neighbour’s Lumpi

(2013, Rodenstein Records)

The exceptional formation with trombone, trumpet, vocals, drums and bass melts electronic and acoustic musik to a new and peculiar band sound. Groovy compositions allow French singer Juliette Brousset (known from "Les Brunettes" and "Moi et les autres") to move freely with her voice. In their field of sound, drums and bass create a foundation, complimented by triggered samples. Short themes, energetic riffs and solos, played by trombonist Garrelt Sieben, trumpeter Stephan Udri and sung by Brousset, partially altered and harmonized through effects, complete their sound with an extraordinary richness.

The mostly original French and English lyrics written by Juliette Brousset catch each sentiment and in conjunction with the many elements of the instrumentation, they invite the listener to dance, dream, travel or rebel against the routines of daily life.


kicks'n sticks.png

Kicks’n Sticks Big Band / NeuKlang

feat. Ingolf Burkhardt - trumpet, Stephanie Neigel - vocals, Juliette Brouset - vocals, Thomas Stabenow – double bass

Conductors: Jochen Welsch, Frank Runhof, Martin Sebastian Schmitt

Kicks'n Sticks is the professional jazz-orchestra of the metropolitan region Rhein-Neckar and brings together many of the best jazz musicians living here. Founded in 2002, today the band contains a pool of more than 30 musicians. Kicks'n Sticks has made it their agenda to present the complete history and bandwidth of orchestral jazz in an high artistic standard. Among others, Kicks'n Sticks has played with Bill Ramsey, Janice Dixon, Xavier Naidoo and Marc Marschall. A substantial repertoire has grown over the years from these very diverse concert experiences, reaching from 1930s swing to contemporary premieres.

Musical leadership is shouldered in same parts today by Frank Runhof, Martin S. Schmitt and Jochen Welsch, who also contribute to the unique sound of Kicks'n Sticks as the accomplished composers and arrangers that they are.