Inspire et redécouvre le goût des choses, inspire et donne tour à tour envie d’être, envie de vivre.
— "Breathe in, inspire yourself! Experience the taste of it all... Breathe in and spread it once again: The joy to be, the joy to live!"

French singer Juliette Brousset studied acting and dramaturgy at the École Nationale de Musique, Danse et Théâtre Mulhouse. In 2012 she received her Bachelor's degree in jazz singing from the Academy of Music Mannheim and professor Ann Malcolm. Following that, she completed her studies with a master's degree from the Academy of Music Franz Liszt Weimar, with Jeff Cascaro and Michael Schiefel.

She grew up in a French family and music was playing in the house at all hours of the day: Chanson, jazz, rock and classical music. Shaped by the vocal flexibility of Ella Fitzgerald, Marilyn Monroe's imagination and by the depths that French chanson transports, Juliette Brousset's voice is jazzy and chansonesque at the same time.

Juliette Brousset is fronting the French Chanson-band Moi et les autres (3 album publications, awarded - among others – at the Yves Montand Chanson Competition in Lille, France) and part of the a cappella-quartet Les Brünettes (3 album publications, multiple awards at international a capella competitions, collaboration with the Pasadena Roof Orchestra and the HR Big Band). She regularly tours Germany with both ensembles, including tv and radio shows.

As a solo artiste, she is frequently invited to join big orchestras (Mannheimer Bläserphilharmonie, Kicks n’ Sticks Big Band Mannheim, Stadtorchester Villingen), to perform her specially tailored chanson and jazz arrangements with them.